Back of the Net: 2022 World Cup


The World Cup fun doesn’t end when the stoppage time seconds tick away. Back of the Net: 2022 World Cup kicks new life into World Cup coverage, capturing the wild and weird world of soccer’s biggest tournament. Join Will Arnett and co-hosts Marshawn Lynch, and Samantha Mewis after every match for hilarious outside of the box commentary, recaps, picks and predictions, with assists from celebrity guests, friends and body-painted fans.

Back of the Net will be slide tackling the tournament with a lighthearted look at the biggest stories happening in Qatar on and off the pitch (which Will totally knows is what they call the field in soccer). If you want to experience the roar of the crowd on a clutch penalty kick or learn more about the player who hasn’t changed his game socks in the last 3 months - this is the podcast for you.

So grab your scarves and join us to celebrate everything that makes the World Cup so wild, from kick-off to the final whistle, and every over the top flop in between.

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