S1:E7 – with guests Aether & Anthea

(RE)FRAMED with Reframing Autism

Jul 4 2023 • 54 mins

Our conversation with Aether and Anthea deep dives into the complexities, joys and challenges of a multiply neurodivergent home life. And, we chat about what it was like being a part of the documentary film ‘Who I Am’ which is currently available to stream on 10Play!

Who I Am is a heartfelt coming-of-age documentary following a transgender and Autistic teen, Aether, as he learns to be himself. Who I am was directed by Naomi Ball – you can find out more about the film at whoiamfilm.com.

Aether - He/They
Aether is many things – an artist, a writer, a caring older sibling, child and grandchild, a secondary school student, an activist. He is trans, Autistic and has ADHD. As an artist, their first inspiration for art stemmed from their love of My Little Pony, which then flowed into anthropomorphic animals. He is inspired by artists online such as Katzun, Foxi Boxi, Jaiden Animations, ActuallyRea and more. He is also an advocate for trans and Autistic people and has spoken on a panel about the intersection of trans and Autistic identities for Different Journeys - an Autistic peer support group, and helped start an LGBTQIA+ group for non-profit Young Carers. They are the hero of the documentary film WHO I AM and believe in sharing their own story to help other young people like himself.

Anthea - She/Her
Anthea is an Autistic woman and a mother to three Autistic children. She was diagnosed Autistic later in life, after her children were. She also has chronic pain and migraine. Anthea is passionate about building an understanding of what it’s like navigating the world with an invisible disability like autism or fibromyalgia. She is an avid writer and has had her work published on ABC News and Amaze. She sits on the Merri Health Consumer Advisory Committee and represented them at the recent Community Health First campaign at Victorian parliament and appeared in their Carer YouTube series to promote their carer supports. She is an AutismCRC Future Leaders Alumni, has started her own support group for Autistic adults and runs an informative, neuro-affirming Facebook page to inform others

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