S1:E10 – Bonus review episode, reviewing the book 'Unmasking Autism' by Dr. Devon Price

(RE)FRAMED with Reframing Autism

Jul 9 2023 • 39 mins

In our second (RE)FRAMED Review episode we review the book ‘Unmasking Autism’ by Dr. Devon Price.

Tara (they/she) is a non-binary, queer, Autistic ADHDer. They have a special interest in disability advocacy and neurodiversity and spend as much time as they can engrossed in the newest books, essays and comics by neurodivergent authors and illustrators and sharing these resources within their communities. They love to collect thrifted glass pieces and have a passion for film and television, particularly horror and animation, and will be a regular guest for our (RE)Framed Review bonus episode book reports!

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