Discover the Secret to Perfectly Poached Salmon and Potatoes with Pesto

Foodie Friends

24-05-2022 • 21 mins

Welcome to EPISODE 3 of Foodie Friends!

This week Jane and Lisa chat more about Summer and what they're excited to cook....and eat!

Are you as excited for Summer as we are?

Then you'll LOVE this episode!  We're sharing our favorite Summer dishes (including tips to make them extra tasty and flavorful!), the Summer festival you need to go to (if you're in the UK!), what makes parenting SO MUCH FUN and Jane's favorite thing to do at Summer festivals.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • The recipe Lisa's mom makes every Summer and why it's the recipe you need to make this Summer!
  • Jane's favorite Summer festival in the UK
  • How to make salmon even better!
  • A fresh take on pesto (nope, doesn't include basil!)
  • Jane and Lisa's favorite show that will transport you right to Italy
  • A delicious twist on a Summer potato dish that's NOT potato salad


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A Menu for You
Carfest South
Salmon Recipe

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