SAFFRON: Answering all your questions with Melinda of Peace and Plenty Farm

Foodie Friends

30-05-2022 • 37 mins

In our 4th episode, Jane and I are so excited to delve into all things saffron!

From the gorgeous crimson color to the sweet and spicy flavor that elevates even the simplest of dishes, we can't wait to learn more about one of our favorite ingredients!

Our special guest is someone who definitely knows all about saffron -- Melinda, of Peace and Plenty Farm.  She and her husband, Simon, own the largest saffron farm in North America.  They have learned what it takes to grow, harvest and produce saffron as well as incredible saffron products that truly highlight this beautiful spice.

What you'll learn:

  • Why saffron is so expensive (there's a VERY good reason!)
  • Why Melinda and Simon chose saffron over other easier crops (and why no one else grows saffron in California)
  • Melinda's journey from Hawaii to Paris to Northern California
  • Saffron products that are created and made on Melinda and Simon's farm
  • How to make the perfect, creamy saffron risotto
  • The secret to Jane's saffron gin

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