Rule Your Pool

Orenda Technologies, Eric Knight

Rule Your Pool is a podcast by Orenda Technologies. This show was created for pool owners, operators, and service pros who want the best water quality possible. If you want to know what's really going on with your swimming pool chemistry, this might be the podcast for you. Each week, we'll cover a new topic related to swimming pools, water chemistry, or indoor air quality. With our help, you'll be able to rule your pool without over-treating it with chemicals and wasting money. read less

Here's to the Naysayers
Here's to the Naysayers
00:00 - Intro - Jarred is a Debbie Downer02:23 - Jarred printed the show notes for this episode03:17 - Criticism: Orenda downplays the importance of pH07:09 - Criticism: Orenda advocates for alkalinity below 80 ppm, but that will destroy a pool08:38 - Criticism: Orenda says 50 ppm CYA or less, but you can't hold chlorine for a week with such low levels09:54 - Criticism: Phosphates don't matter, and Orenda just says they do to sell more PR-10,00011:25 - Criticism: The Orenda Startup conflicts with other standard methods13:38 - Criticism: The Orenda Startup doesn't work14:40 - Criticism: Orenda's "education" is just propaganda for you to buy more products17:23 - Criticism: Orenda likes calcium hardness too high20:44 - Criticism: Orenda says calcium flakes from salt cells are calcium carbonate, but I was told they're calcium phosphate22:32 - Criticism: Orenda was anti-borate, but now they've flip-flopped and are pro-borate?24:17 - Criticism: The Rule Your Pool podcast is lame.  (We agree with this one).25:07 - Criticism: The Orenda Calculator is inaccurate because it differs from other LSI calculators out there26:29 - Criticism: SC-1000 is no better than other sequestering agents, plus it wipes out chlorine28:19 - Criticism: Orenda is just another greedy chemical company30:39 - Criticism: Orenda makes stuff up and calls it "research"32:55 - Criticism: Orenda unfairly criticizes algaecides...they work so well34:04 - Criticism: Enzymes don't "digest" because they aren't living35:07 - Criticism: The LSI wasn't made for pools36:34 - Criticism: Orenda says pH cannot be controlled...but my pool has a pH controller on it39:49 - Closing.  Thanks for listening!  ------------------------------------Connect with Orenda TechnologiesWebsite: https://www.orendatech.comHelp Center: https://ask.orendatech.comBlog: https://blog.orendatech.comYouTube: Across America | Team Orenda: