Elle Russ: Taking Control Of Your Thyroid Health

The B.rad Podcast

Mar 24 2023 • 1 hr 9 mins

It’s always a pleasure to connect with Elle Russ—we’ve been podcasting together for years, and we’re hitting it hard in today’s show because we have some important topics to discuss.

We start with a refresher on the importance of thyroid function and the confusion and controversy surrounding prescribing medication for it, especially in light of things I have been reflecting on recently, such as the Energy Balance concept and striving for maximum cellular energy status at all times, as opposed to playing around with restrictive diets that could contribute to an overly stressful lifestyle overall. Knowing how sensitive the thyroid is, it’s crucial to understand the ways that you can optimize thyroid function without adding any unnecessary extra stress to your body, and thankfully Elle, the author of The Paleo Thyroid Solution, is an expert on this topic and is here to share all her knowledge in this episode so you can learn how you can take full control of your thyroid health!


Sixty percent of people who have thyroid issues are undiagnosed. [02:35]

The thyroid gland is in charge of sex hormones, heart rate, body temperature and other things. [04:28]

Women need to make sure they are correctly diagnosed if they have a thyroid problem.  There can be many gynecological issues. [07:37]

If anyone is suffering from thyroid issues for many years, it is because either the doctor is uninformed or you are uninformed and you can’t help. [09:15]

What causes the thyroid to malfunction? [13:51]

Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune form of hypothyroidism. [16:37]

Diet has a lot to do with repairing a thyroid problem. [18:00]

Grave’s disease effects hyperthyroidism. [21:29]

It is not a good idea to just take a pill that is prescribed without your understanding what it is doing.  If you have been diagnosed with a disease, you’d better learn all about it. [24:41]

The best books on thyroid are written by patients. [26:49]

It is safer to be hypo than to be hyper. {28:58]

What is the scenario when someone has undiagnosed or subclinical sluggish thyroid? [30:48]

Stress can cause a thyroid problem even if you are eating right. [33:16]

Be specific in asking for a thorough blood screening, including all thyroid hormones.  [35:09]

When you are hypo and you’re sluggish and slow, you don’t have enough thyroid hormones to produce energy for your brain. Adrenal fatigue is horrible! [38:57]

Take your temperature every day. [40:34]

You could have some favorable numbers on that important six panel, but then be coming in with complaints of cold hands, cold feet, cold body, brain fog, poor recovery. And you could have a problem even with normal numbers. [48:06]

We don't know what our level is right now and our potential because we have nothing to compare it to. [50:58]

If one takes Elle’s course, what will they learn? [01:00:44]


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