Brad: Five Tips To Aging Gracefully, Part 5 - Dial In Stress Management

The B.rad Podcast

Feb 3 2023 • 32 mins

Welcome to the fifth and final episode in this series covering 5 tips to age gracefully and optimize energy and body composition.

In this show, we will be talking about stress management and putting all the pieces from previous shows together.

You will learn about healthy sleep habits and why sleep is so important, as well as how to create a stress-free, sanctuary in your bedroom. You’ll also hear useful tips for managing stress and learn why your mattress temperature can actually change the way you sleep, and how being in a healthy relationship can contribute to stress management.


Brad reminds us of the points covered in the previous podcast on slowing aging. Clean diet and movement are the most important ones. [01:10]

Stress management is critical if all your other efforts at fitness are going to work. Avoid overly stressful workouts. [04:31]

Avoid stressful work habits at your job. You don’t need to engage in your screen first thing in the morning. [09:05]

Most people don’t give sleep the importance it deserves. Create a sanctuary from the stress that is your bedroom. [15:07]

The key to good sleep is a cool room temperature, cool mattress temperature, maintained the whole night instead of your body warming up the mattress temperature and then creating an overly warm environment. [18:52]

Another component of a good night’s sleep is the winding down rituals you have prior to bedtime. [20:52]

Rest, recovery, and downtime which means getting rid of your mobile device. [22:23]

A healthy relationship is a big part of your stress management. [24:34]


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