B.rad Podcast Highlights, Part 4

The B.rad Podcast

Mar 3 2023 • 1 hr 12 mins

In this highlight show, we hear some stand-out quotes from past guests like Dr. Phil Maffetone (godfather of endurance training and the MAF heart rate training model), Brock Armstrong, Deirdre Fitzpatrick, William Shewfelt, and a few others topics like how to effectively change your mindset, applying cognitive behavioral therapy to pursuing practical goals, and the societal prescriptions that don’t really fit anyone.

You’ll find out what it takes to train at an elite level and what are just popular misconceptions about training, what soreness does to our muscles and how long it takes for our muscles to recover, the meaning of “the window of weakness,” how to use a methodical approach to win the body of your dreams and why it’s actually easier than it seems, and more!


Brock Armstrong is an expert on diet, nutrition, exercise, working out but also has added cognitive behavioral therapy to his work with clients. Develop a curiosity and be willing to experiment on yourself.  [00:36]

Exercising in and of itself is a very modern construct. [03:30]

If you are watching a video on a technique you are learning, what should you be looking for? Why does Brad want to write books? Brock is explaining cognitive therapy. [05:42]

Dr. Maffetone says the stress thing is really what it is all about. The common denominator of the causes of death from chronic diseases has to do with being overfat. [11:25]

There are some misconceptions about what is required to train and perform at the elite level. [17:07]

That period of time, that 24- to 72- hour period after you do strength training is a window of weakness. [20:30]

Deirdre Fitzpatrick, TV news anchor, talks about balancing her demanding career with family life as well as her accomplishments in endurance sports. [22:51]

William Shewfelt talks about using a methodical approach to carve out the body you want. [28:56]

William’s resistance workouts are in between weight, not heavy weight, and last about 45 minutes. [33:14]

Dave Scott and Mark Allen join Brad and reveal personal thoughts and experiences we’ve not known about. [35:13]

Molly Downey explains the relationship between sleep and glucose. It is very common to see elevated glucose levels overnight.  [42:09]

Sara Banta discovered that many of the so-called healthy foods her child was eating caused trouble. Of the family of five, she found each had a different profile of foods that they could eat. [49:27]

Dr. Robert Lustig is one of the world’s pre-eminent anti-sugar crusaders. He talks about the eight pathologies that drive all chronic diseases. One thing that makes all eight go south is processed food. [56:51]

Is there a potential to live to 110? The problem is, we eat crap! The food industry has us in their clutches. [01:03:30]


  • "Feed the gut and protect the liver." (Lustig)
  • "If you simply eliminate processed foods, you cannot get fat or diseased type two diabetes". (Lustig)


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