Episode 058 (Death of a Salesman)

The Hungry Gamers

Mar 31 2017 • 1 hr 8 mins

Rolling into Hungry HQ for the fifty eighth time Ally, Reece and a very broken Brendan return to talk video games and for some random reason, a lot of wrestling. They also cover off: - Brendan's romance & relationships within Mass Effect: Andromeda - Legion's first season - LIFE, is it worth the cost of admission? - Super Dooper Party Pooper, GOTY? - Dawn of War 3 hype - Destiny 2 trailer and release date confirmed! - The death of Mad Katz - Starcraft remastered - PETA going to war against Nintendo over milking a digital cow *and also the same weekly dose of random tangents and banter #stayhungry

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