Sherry Wilde: Physical Contact with Extraterrestrials

Portal to Ascension Radio

Apr 8 2023 • 56 mins

Much of the analysis is being done by those who have never had a contact experience themselves and can only form opinions based on what they hear and observe from the actual participant. Sherry has had an overwhelming amount of physical contact with beings from an alternate reality and has worked her way through the layers of disbelief, fear, confusion and ridicule. She found support and answers in places she never expected and through that process began to remember the truth of who she is. In this lecture she shares highlights and intimate details of that journey and talks about the differences between being an abductee and a volunteer. 🙂 Join us at our annual conference: ⚡Join us in the UK: 🐫 Join us in Egypt: 👉 Tune in to 1000s of hours of free content: #sherrywilde #aliencontact