Shelly Reef and the Universal Language of Sound

Portal to Ascension Radio

Apr 18 2023 • 34 mins

Join Shelly Reef and PTA host Joan of Angels as we dive into the practices and impacts of the Universal Language of Sound. Shelly Reef and the Universal Language of Sound Shelley Reef is the pioneer of harp and crystal sound healing. She is developer of the Therapy Harp healing techniques with CEU’s through Yoga Alliance, used by therapists, yogis, and healers worldwide. Shelly is co-developer of Antigravity Restorative Aerial Yoga, taught in over 40 countries. Shelly specializes in awakening the telepathic mind and activating the light-body using sound and frequency. She is author of the soon-to-be-released book, “The Immeasurable” Shelly is in currently in residence at Sacred Sound of the Soul and Soul of Yoga, Encinitas, CA. Check out her Portal to Ascension reel here: You can hear Shelly perform at the Portal to Ascension Conference in San Diego on April 21-April 23rd, 2023. Register here: DISCOVER Ancient Origins ~ UNCOVER Hidden Truths ~ Recover Your True Identity JOIN us at our in-person Portal to Ascension Conference at the Marina Village in San Diego, the weekend of April 21-23rd, with post conference workshops on Monday April 24th! HUMANITY AWAKENS! We are deprogramming ourselves from outdated matrix systems and re-educating and re-membering an inherent truth that connects us all. As we come together, we activate in each other our truest potentials, individual gifts and collective resolve so that we may usher in a whole new reality that we know is possible and is waiting for us to embrace it. Activations, Education, Inspiration & Empowerment Register Here: