The Positive Psychology Podcast - Bringing the Science of Happiness to your Earbuds with Kristen Truempy

Kristen Truempy

The science of the good life? Sorry this is not about booze, sex and the contemporary flavour of Rock n’Roll. We talk about the stuff that usually only tree huggers have the courage to embrace: appreciation of beauty, positive emotions, gratitude or positive relationships. However we, that is positive psychology researchers and practitioners bury ourselves in books, set out to experiment and then write it all up in a style that is usually about as engaging as watching an avocado turn brown. And that’s the problem: if you are not an academic you probably want a little bit more excitement than pages and pages of densely written journals can provide. Even if you are an academic who has the time to read everything that is out there? So in an effort to save your eyes from become rectangular-shaped the Positive Psychology Podcast brings the science of the good life to your earbuds. Sometimes we might get quite serious too, for example when discussing topics like post-traumatic-growth or positive parenting. read less

Goofballs Unite (The Body Image Anthem)
Goofballs Unite (The Body Image Anthem)
For all the peeps who are not into rap but want to shake their booty to original music made by yours truly I give you Goofballs Unite!   What’s a revolutionary thing to do? It’s to badly dance in your truth Unconcerned with a perfect appearance Or propagating eternal youth   Do you remember what you didn’t do? All in the name of being cool? Don’t waste tonight and realise The marketing slogans made you shy   If you look at me from behind It’s not a twerk that you will find. Got no idea what my ass is doing but I am having a great time.   You’ve skipped leg day all your life your squats are shaky but the groove’s divine Hit the dancefloor don’t be shy   Goofballs ahoi, let’s unite   (Bridge) There they are smirking away Eyerolls rolling throwing shade Sometimes they’re just in your thoughts They should never call the shots In their world they’re the height of cool Unless they change they peak at school How bizarre would it be to let losers determine your destiny?   My jiggly bits wrote half this song how dare I praise ‘em? That’s so wrong Imagine me having the gall A big girl that claims space at all   Hey I bust out of my seams still got plenty of self-esteem Hit the dancefloor, don’t be shy Goofballs ahoi, let’s unite   The most revolutionary thing to do Is to badly dance in your truth Unconcerned with a perfect appearance Or propagating eternal youth   When you’re connected to your bliss How will they sell their stupid shit? How will they keep on ruling you? If you live the values that you choose?