Morgen Wurde & Tis - Vermacht (Peter Zherebtsov Remix) [MixCult Records]

MixCult Records & Radio Podcast

Sep 13 2022 • 15 mins

MixCult Spotify Playlist - Morgen Wurde & Tis' enigmatic album "Vermacht" ( from 2020 on MixCult calls for remixes. Groove magicians from around the globe set their transformative powers to the deep wondrous electroacoustic original tracks. Bjika spirals into infinite space effervescently, raining down a meteor shower of staccato bleeps on the dancefloor. Mastra celebrates a mysterious dance ritual in mystical alliance of Tetsuroh's trumpet and Doug's vibraphone. R.Hz glides with his remix through endless spaces, where symphonies and Tetsuroh's trumpet echo from far away, on the way to the promising future. Peter Zherebtsov stretches the sense of time and space on his quarter-hour groove excursion with Tetsuroh's trumpet and Doug's vibraphone. All inhibitions fall away with Ulf Kramer's unbridled ride galloping across the dance floor. Georges-Emmanuel's violin layers smolder as a powerful atmosphere over the spectacle. What a climax! Doug Perry (vibraphone) #2, #4 Tetsuroh Konishi (trumpet) #2, #3, #4 Georges-Emmanuel Schneider (violin) #5 Order your new tracks now! Want all future releases for free? Just purchase entire digital catalog at 85% discount. You`ll have a lifelong access to all future releases from MixCult Records and all vinyl sub labels. DEMO for MixCult Records - MixCult Records, Radio & Booking |