Savy Ed-Tech

Savannah Creasman

Are you a teacher who loves using technology in your classroom!? Even better, are you a teacher AND a mom who wants to increase their productivity and classroom engagement while growing in your faith!? This podcast is for you! I want to encourage teacher mommas in their day to day walk to keep going no matter what season of life you have entered! I’m a Google Certified educator, first grade teacher, wife and mom who has developed a passion for educational technology. In each episode, join me as we dive deep into the world of ed-tech, exploring innovative tools and strategies to enhance your teaching experience and empower your students. If you’re not a momma, not a momma yet, or are a dad, you’re welcome here too! Together, let's embrace technology, nurture our families, and grow in Christ I’d love it if you would come learn along with me! We’re in this together, teacher! Feel free to send a question or comment to my email: read less