261. Joshua Dick on why businesses should aim to grow like a lobster

Unleashed - How to Thrive as an Independent Professional

14-04-2020 • 33 mins

[Note: this episode was recorded before the pandemic.]

Our guest today is Josh Dick, who accomplished the dream of many entrepreneurs.

In the year 2000, after stints as an investment banker at Salomon Brothers and as a Marketing Manager at Unilever, Josh joined Urnex, a small manufacturing business that was founded by his great-grandfather.

Josh would go on to lead the company through fifteen straight years of 15% annual growth, and then he sold the business to a private equity firm for a sum that allows him the flexibility to choose what to do with his time.

And what he’s done is move his family to Florence, Italy, learn Italian, begin advising other entrepreneurs, and write a book titled Grow Like a Lobster: Plan and Prepare for Extraordinary Business Results.

You can find Josh’s blog and contact him via his website, https://www.joshua-dick.com/