010: Practicing Family Law [Interview with Brittney Busalacchi]

The Thing About School

04-07-2022 • 43 mins

In this episode, Brittney shares:

  • What the law degree process looks like
  • How to find your passion in life
  • The importance of never giving up

Attorney Busalacchi is a partner of CJMM. Her practice includes all aspects of family law, including Divorce, Establishment of paternity, Child custody and placement, Child support and maintenance, property and debt division, Termination of parental rights, and Adoption.
She also serves as Guardian ad Litem in family cases, guardianships, and protective placement matters as well as Children in Need of Protective Services (CHIPS) cases in Columbia, Juneau, and Sauk counties. Education: University of Wisconsin Law School  - Juris Doctor of Law 2013. Marquette University - Bachelor of Arts 2009.

If you are interested in law and would like to ask more questions, you can contact Brittney at: bbusalacchi@cjmmlaw.com or other attorneys at: https://www.cjmmlaw.com/