Episode 35 - How Sales and Marketing Can Work Together Towards Growth

Selling Saas

01-11-2022 • 5 mins

Through the years, Duane has seen a lot of organizations struggle with growth because of one simple thing: their different departments don't work together as effectively and efficiently as they could. One way to solve this is to ensure that people from different departments understand each other when it comes to data.

Tune in to this episode to learn how marketing can align its activities with sales, which if you truly look at it, are just two sides of the same coin.


In this episode, we discuss the following:

00:26 Sales leaders need to be empowered to be successful

01:34 The relationship between marketing and sales, from a seller's POV

03:12 Leading indicators from marketing should be funneled to sales

We cover some wide-ranging topics, including getting the most out of your team as a leader and building frameworks for them to thrive within.

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