Max Schwarzer

TalkRL: The Reinforcement Learning Podcast

Aug 8 2023 • 1 hr 10 mins

Max Schwarzer is a PhD student at Mila, with Aaron Courville and Marc Bellemare, interested in RL scaling, representation learning for RL, and RL for science.  Max spent the last 1.5 years at Google Brain/DeepMind, and is now at Apple Machine Learning Research.

Featured References

Bigger, Better, Faster: Human-level Atari with human-level efficiency
Max Schwarzer, Johan Obando-Ceron, Aaron Courville, Marc Bellemare, Rishabh Agarwal, Pablo Samuel Castro

Sample-Efficient Reinforcement Learning by Breaking the Replay Ratio Barrier
Pierluca D'Oro, Max Schwarzer, Evgenii Nikishin, Pierre-Luc Bacon, Marc G Bellemare, Aaron Courville

The Primacy Bias in Deep Reinforcement Learning
Evgenii Nikishin, Max Schwarzer, Pierluca D'Oro, Pierre-Luc Bacon, Aaron Courville

Additional References