Episode 6: Are You Financially Compatible With The One You Love

Get Lit With FirstLight

24-08-2022 • 29 mins

WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/HPknOIpaLB4

Welcome to the debut of the Get Lit With FirstLight show! Our topic for today, “Are You Financially Compatible With The One You Love?”

Join our hosts Sidney Alvarez and Paulette Murguia as they explore five signs that show if you and your significant other are financially compatible.

1. Can talk about money without fighting?

2. Do you lie about purchases or the cost of the purchase?

3. Do you trust your partner's spending habits?

4. Are your credit scores in alignment?

5. Do you have similar spending priorities?

Our guests are Aliana Apodaca, a motivational speaker and worldwide leadership coach and owner of Positive Directions. Also Maria De Jesus Ortiz, known as MDJ, who is with FirstLight Federal Credit Union and provides Financial Literacy presentations throughout our community. To learn about our Financial Literacy seminars click here: https://www.firstlightfcu.org/financi...