DDH - "Everybody Knows..."

The Dave Bowman Show

26-07-2022 • 35 mins

My least favorite phrase is: "Everybody knows..." I have been known to hang up on callers who sprinkle their diatribe with that idiotic phrase. First off, NOT "everybody knows." If "everybody knew," then there would no conflicts, no happiness, no conversation, no science, no exploration and no need to learn anything... well... new. Or, in my case, something old. Which might be new to you. Because NOT "everybody knows." We think of our country today as "more divided than ever." I mean, "everybody knows" that, right? Putting aside for the moment, the US Civil War, is this a time when we are the "most divided ever?" On July 26, 1788, a small but miracle took place in Albany, NY. Today, we just assume that everything was perfect and united and that "everybody knows" it happened. But it was just by a scant three votes, that New York voted to ratify the new constitution. Today, "everybody knows" that our government, of, by and for the people was easy to establish because it makes sense and it served our liberty best. But believe me when I tell you this: what "everybody knows" is wrong...