Einstein and the Pursuit of Happiness

The Dave Bowman Show

08-07-2022 • 25 mins

E=MC2 What does that well known equation mean? Not in the mathematical sense. Not in the physical sense... what does it... you know... mean? For much of my life, I saw it as the key that unlocked certain forms of energy, for both good and bad. But there came a moment, reading a book at lunch, when it was like the figurative light bulb went on for me. The implications of the equation along with the scientific theory it supports were laid before me with the wonder of a young boy looking for the first time through a telescope. I don't want to spend a lot of time on Einstein today... the concept is important, the details are not. The opening up of understanding is an amazing moment, rarely experienced in full. when it is, it is transformative and it ignites passionate fire. Last week on Dave Does History*, I said something, related my reading and studying, and in that moment, it was like Relativity had been laid before me yet again, in a more expansive way...