Lord Uvalde

The Dave Bowman Show

29-06-2022 • 12 mins

“The harsh reality of life is that sooner or later, your beliefs will find themselves tested. It’s easy to say, “I believe this…” and maybe even mean it. Because until whatever belief it is has actually been tested it is just a belief.” I wrote those words about ten or so days ago, after receiving some rather disturbing personal news. I was upset about the realization that a belief that had been held for a lifetime suddenly seemed out of play. Now, from a religious viewpoint, that’s devastating enough. But what happens when said belief is your actual life’s purpose? In high school, I read the Book “Lord Jim,” which became one of the most influential books in my life (the movie is good too), particularly in those moments, rare though they are, when my own weaknesses come up against my ideals. It’s a lesson that I keep forefront in my thinking. I don’t know what will be the final accounting in Uvalde. At this point, nobody does. But I do know this…. there are a lot of questions about what people say that they believe versus what they did when the moment came…