Renee Aces Achievable Goals

This Is Small Business

Mar 7 2023 • 34 mins

On Episode 17 of This is Small Business, Andrea talks about setting goals and mechanisms for your business in a way that lead to success with Renee Manzari, founder and CEO of Livity Yoga. With big goals like diverting a million yoga mats from landfills by 2026, Renee breaks down all the planning and mechanisms that go on behind-the-scenes in order to make big goals like that less daunting and achievable. Next, serial entrepreneur and senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, Christina Wallace joins Andrea once again to talk in depth about how to set goals in the first place, different types of mechanisms you could set, and steps that are often overlooked but can make a big impact. Join Andrea as she points out all the important takeaways that are going into her small business playbook.

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