Cora & Stefan Build Organic Loyalty

This Is Small Business

Jul 12 2022 • 33 mins

On Episode 4 of This Is Small Business, Andrea speaks with Cora Miller, founder of Young King Hair Care, a male-focused brand that aims to celebrate and represent the diversity of Black and Brown young men by providing them with natural hair products. Along with her husband Stefan Miller (Young King’s Chief Marketing & Brand Strategist), Cora has built a booming business primarily based on word of mouth marketing and direct-to-consumer communications. The Millers are a modern power-couple with a great product and a powerful message. Their secret? Connecting directly with their customers. From phone conversations with parents who say that Young King’s products have changed their lives, to building a community of advocates who are proud to spread the word, the Miller’s have bootstrapped their way out of their corporate jobs and into a successful small business. Stefan handles all things marketing, from branding and packaging to social media, while Cora handles all the rest. So come meet the founders of Young King to find out what it takes to build a brand through organic word-of-mouth marketing, and what takeaways Andrea’s adding to her small business playbook.

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