This Is Small Business - Season Two Trailer

This Is Small Business

Jan 31 2023 • 1 min

Amazon’s This is Small Businessis back for a second season with weekly episodes that dig deep into the pivotal moments that small business owners face and conquer on their journey to success. Andrea Marquez, a curious millennial and possibly a future small business owner, continues to investigate what makes a successful small business boom by talking to industry experts and small business owners from all over about how to start, build, and grow a business. We’re also introducing This is Small Business Minisodes – shorter, straight to the point episodes that deliver key insights about the small business owner’s journey. Season Two is packed with new information, and as always, each episode is bookended with tangible, actionable takeaways, so make sure you have your small business playbook nearby and get ready for the journey!Leave us a voicemail HERE!By submitting your voicemail, you’re granting us permission to use the recording in episodes of This is Small Business. Please note, voicemails will not receive direct responses. For help with other questions to Amazon unrelated to this show, you can reach out to Amazon’s customer service team at

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