22. Postnatal Depression To Funding Her $2 Million Pound Dream Business With Sophie Baron

Mama On A Mission

Mar 27 2022 • 42 mins

Mentioned in this episode This season is sponsored by Mamamade so you get an exclusive discount (only on this podcast) Get 25% off your first three Mamamade boxes with code with CODE MAMAMISSION25 - enter at the checkout here: https://bit.ly/36A75mU  - Mamamade is the solution for busy, time poor, working Moms who want a quick & easy nutritional organic food for their baby & toddler delivered frozen to their door. Episode info Have you ever dreamt of having your own business or starting a side hustle? But you don’t know where to begin or the negative voices inside your head you’re not special or your idea isn’t good enough? Let this episode inspire you to take a leap of faith!  Sophie Baron, female founder of $2 Million Pound Product Business Mamamade, isn't your typical entrepreneur. She is a Mum of two who suffered with postnatal depression & while working she wanted to find a better, healthier solution to weaning/feeding your baby while juggling the demands of a job.  She reveals what it really takes to build a business from scratch (in her kitchen), how to show up confidently as a business owner for investment, managing mom guilt & work guilt and how to keep going when you want to quit.  Highlights  How to find a gap in the market & build a business from scratch  Taking the leap from side hustle to building a business  Why mindset is key to success  The importance of community building in marketing  How to keep going when you  Her journey with Postnatal depression & what it taught her  Financial challenges of a product based business  How to get investment in a man’s world as female founder Overcoming imposter syndrome, so you can show up online  Why building connections is more important vs growing a following  Everything is learnable. You can do it, if she can    Links Mamamade website: https://bit.ly/36A75mU  Follow Charlotte Jonsie (Host): @charlottejonsie Mamamade: @hellomamamade Sophie Baron (Guest): @sophiebaron Join the mama on a mission coaching community https://www.mamasonamission.co.uk/ If you would like to find out about coaching with Charlotte, DM her on Instagram Please subscribe, download and leave a review to help me reach and help more women with this podcast. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices