Who Are You? Defining Resilience for You

The Resilient Living Podcast

31-12-2021 • 4 mins

In this podcast, we will explore who we are. We will take a look at your perspective on the good and negative experiences you have had. We will qualify the wisdom that you have gained as an overcome. This is our story of Resilience.

Every experience adds to our character. The content of our character helps us in relationships,  goals and qualifies the decisions that grow us.

I am Terrilyn Minnifield. I am willing to share and create a community that will group us as individuals or groups. We will conquer fun topics and hard topics; but we will conquer each subject matter objectively so that you can find your opinion. Grateful that you will take this journey with me.

This show is about you - the listener and how you perceive the experiences you have. I am excited for you to get involved and share your story.

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Until next time...

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