022: Reclaiming herself and helping other women (Ft. Helen Meredith)

The Menopause Coach

06-10-2022 • 37 mins

Helen went into perimenopause in her mid-40's, and it was crippling for her!  She worked in a corporate role for a large household brand, who offered her no support whatsoever, and she was forced to leave.

On this episode, you'll hear Helen's story.  Helen worked in the Hospitality and Retail sectors for 38 years. In March 2020 when her menopause symptoms became overwhelming she took the painful decision to resign from her position, becoming a 1 in 10 statistic of midlife women leaving the workplace.

Recently certified as an MSCC Menopause Support Coach she is passionate about helping others in navigating their menopause, and thrive in mid life and beyond.

Find out more about the coaching certification course she's currently loving here: https://adelejohnstoncoaching.com/certified-coach/

You can check Helen out, or reach out through her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meredith6703/

If you want access to the Forgiveness Letter template Adele mentions on this recording, please let her know by emailing : adele@adelejohnstoncoaching.com


From your host : Adele Johnston

I’m Adele Johnston, a certified nutritionist and positive psychology coach, passionate about helping women improve their menopause health and reclaim who you are without menopause taking over.

This is a time in your life where you get to feel vibrant, sexy and reclaim you again!

I’m proud to work with women like you and have created a very successful proven Reclaiming You 3 STEP PROCESS to help you take back control of your body during your menopause.

For more details : https://adelejohnstoncoaching.com/

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