Ep 2: Inside Anxiety: Mine, Yours + Your Friends'

You're Welcome with Hilary Rushford

Apr 25 2019 • 48 mins

Let’s talk an-xiety, -xiety, we're talkin' anxiety, when your body does not rock (please hum to the tune of Let’s Get Physical).

Hello, I’m Hilary, I have anxiety. It used to be oh so much worse. It’s now most often way way better. I’m sharing my journey of healing to answer some of your most common Q’s on overcoming anxiety, and facing fear.

Learn what’s helped through some of my most crippling moments, for yourself, a friend, or a loved one. And download an inspiration checklist and record for your own journey at HilaryRushford.com/podvip.

(No really, y’all this journal sheet can be SO helpful if you use it!!! Print it. Take notes. Tell me where you are 6 months from now. You’re doing awesome.)

What are your thoughts? Follow-up Q’s? I’m sure I’ll do a part 2 based on these so come leave a note in the comment of my latest Instagram post, whatever it is, as I read all those comments: @HilaryRushford.