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A podcast about Spiritual Expansion and Ascension where high vibration, metaphysics, ancient wisdom, and mystical experiences come together to expand your consciousness. This is a safe place where you can dive deep into the Great Awakening and the next paradigm shift. Melissa Feick will bring a fun, fresh perspective to consciousness, metaphysics, spirituality, and mystical topics. Melissa and her high vibe guests will blow your mind and push your boundaries by exploring timelines and parallel realities, the matrix, how to use Quantum Physics to create, aliens and the Akashic Records. As a Vibrational Ascension Leader, Melissa merges modern spirituality with ancient wisdom by bringing through channeled information to support you on your spiritual journey. This podcast is designed by Spirit to be inspirational, fun, insightful, educational, and transformational. You are on your personal spiritual journey and here you will find deep wisdom and powerful spiritual tools to transcend the lower frequencies and become a higher vibration. Melissa is the Amazon best-selling author of “A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records: Master Your Life and Raise Your Vibration” Hit subscribe and change your life.https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07G681W74 read less

Episode 35: Sedona Shamanic Priestess Deva Light Language
Sep 8 2021
Episode 35: Sedona Shamanic Priestess Deva Light Language
In this episode I sit down with Deva Vidya who is a Shamanic Priestess in Sedona. Deva shares her wisdom of Shamanism and how she became a Shamanic Priestess.  Deva also shares her channeled Light Language and how it helps people in her Shamanic practice.To find out more about Deva and her new Light Language Album go to her website at  https://www.wayofthesacred.com/Deva Vidya:  Shamanic Priestess, Divine Channeler, Published Author, Spiritual Growth GuideDeva Vidya is High Priestess of Way of the Sacred and a Master Spiritual Growth Teacher.  As a channel she brings the Divine Feminine into physical form. She is a Multidimensional, Intuitive Healer and Seer; a trained and certified Reiki Master/Teacher and an Access Consciousness Facilitator. She guides her clients to healing, self-empowerment, balance and re-alignment, accessing the multidimensional parts of Self with shamanic journey, high vibrational sound and Light Language.Deva is also the published author of Awaken, Priestess! and the creator of its accompany ing CD of the same name which encourages the reader/listener to reclaim her innate power and wisdom. Deva co-writes and performs conscious music and lyrics for Way of the Sacred. They have recently released a new album of Spirit-inspired music entitled, "Flowing in the Mystery."  She has previously released "As One" a kirtan CD with her former band, One Voice, One Prayer. She is launching an album of Light Language entitled, "Codes of Light" that will be available early September. As a Master Teacher with 20 years of experience, Deva leads retreats, workshops and programs with Way of the Sacred designed to teach the sacred ways of many different cultures and how we can incorporate these ancient traditions in our own spiritual practices leading to a deeper connection with the Divine. With the experience she received studying with Native American Elders & Peruvian Shamans, Deva leads sacred ceremony infused with celebration, prayer & sacred song, remembering the wisdom of our ancestors & honoring our connection to Nature & the Spirit World which in turn offers healing in body, emotions, mind & spirit.Deva has led mantra circles and kirtans, taught yoga and facilitated energy healing workshops since 2004. She is the creator of Primal Yoga, Goddess Yoga, Shape Shifting Yoga and Earthly Elements Yoga. "I was truly amazed by her gifts and what I was able to release. I had no idea what I was holding onto until I felt it dissolve. The shift was profound. I felt a lightness I had never felt before. I felt more free and able to fill myself up with positive energy and love. My vibration is higher thanks to that one session with Deva. To say I have been transformed, is an understatement. She is a gorgeous light worker inside and out." ~ Emily C.