#135 StreetWise Hebrew gets idiomatic with "latset"

Streetwise Hebrew

Jul 26 2016 • 7 mins

Whether it's telling someone they did well, asking the cost, or lashing out at someone, "yatsata" (from "latset" - to "go out"/"come out") plays an important role in everyday Hebrew slang. Host Guy Sharett teaches us a few of these useful idioms, which you won't find in your dictionary.

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New words & expressions:

Yatsata gadol/anak – You came out great/huge (lit.) You did well (fig.) - יצאת גדול /ענק

Yatsata be-zol – You came out of it cheaply (ie. paying a cheap price) – יצאת בזול

Od lo yatsa li – It hasn't come out to me yet (lit.) I haven't had the time (to do it) yet (fig.) – עוד לא יצא לי

Im yotse lecha – If it comes out to you (lit.) If you get a chance (to do it) (fig.) – אם יוצא לך

Ma yatsa lecha mi-ze? – What came out of it for you? (lit.) What did you gain from it? (fig.) – ?מה יצא לך מזה

Ma yatsa ba-sof im mashehu/mishehu? – What came out in the end with something/someone (lit.) What happened with something/someone? (fig.) – ?מה יצא בסוף עם משהו/מישהו

Kama yatsa basof – How much did it come out as in the end? (lit.) How much was it in the end? (fig.) – ?כמה יצא בסוף

Kama kama? – What's the score? (in a sports match) – ?כמה כמה

Ma yatsata alai? – Why did you come out at me (lit.) Why did you lash out at me? (fig.) – ?מה יצאת עליי

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