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Episode 47: Calum Raistrick: Nailing Contest Lean With Competitors
Episode 47: Calum Raistrick: Nailing Contest Lean With Competitors
Episode 47: Calum Raistrick: Nailing Contest Lean With Competitors   In this episode of J3 University, Luke and I are joined by Cal Raistrick from ProCoach. Cal has been nailing client condition and he takes us through his process to map out the contest year for a competitor. This process of allocating the right time frame for each phase is ensuring competitors grow and don’t miss the mark come show day. We cover male and female body comp manipulation and how phases change with PEDs and Nutrition.   Timestamps   Introducing Calum- 00:00:13   New client, where does the process start? - 00:03:40   Mapping out process for client autonomy- 00:10:19   Setting expectations and keeping client on track- 00:13:06   When prep actually starts- 00:15:01   Mapping out process for offseason- 00:16:55   Managing a Females offseason- 00:19:15   Periodizing for escalation and recovery- 00:22:24   Planning for divisions with weight caps- 00:27:59   Adjusting female Androgens- 00:32:04   Pre-prep phase- 00:34:16   Peak offseason, when are food and compounds pulled down? - 00:38:27   Fat loss phase in the offseason- 00:39:30   Handling client expectation- 00:44:08   Upcoming Seminars- 00:47:46 Peak Week Seminar Location: GASP HQ Destination Dallas. Dallas, Texas Date: August 14, 2022   BodyCon Location: The Dragons Lair. Las Vegas, Nevada Date: August 20-21, 2022   Cal Raistrick Social Instagram: @calum_teamprocoach @team_procoach YouTube: The Pro Coach   J3 UNIVERSITY: http://j3university.com FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/J3-University-103894631667528 INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/johnjewett3/   Luke Miller INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/noswitchfitness/?hl=en Luke Miller coaching: https://noswitchfitness.com/contact/