One Nasty Mom

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Welcome to the world of One Nasty Mom!
Hosted by Ms Jasleen Kaur Gupta, one of the first most popular bloggers in the country, she continues to share her learnings and satiate her curiosities with her writing and now with her very own Sochcast, she is bringing to light the life of a single parent, a single mom.
From battling day-to-day issues to indulging in the little joys of life, this Sochcast will help in reaching her voice to women who are seeking a friend, a mentor, a companion for manoeuvring through the ups and downs of being a single mom and an Indian woman, who uses humour and smarts to keep herself sane & happy. Join the world of Jasleen, an articulate woman, brimming with stories and learnings and become a part of her community through her experiences.

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