The CBC Wizdumb Hour #10

The CBC Wizdumb Hour

14-06-2017 • 1 hr 6 mins

The fellas are starting to aim a bit higher on this week's brand new episode! Steve proposes an interesting plan to reach a million fans, Tony exposes the true availability of stable musicians, and we learn the best way to escape from reality. All new. All good.Timestamps:1:47 - Clanky Lincolns update5:45 - Just a short email8:05 - Handsome Young Ladies9:16 - itunes, here we come!10:45 - Just ask13:45 - John Monnecka14:59 - FB Live user beware!16:36 - A workaround?17:48 - The Shazzam technology19:47 - A radio show/podcast idea24:01 - Aim high28:45 - Ed Sheeran33:45 - Maiden39:58 - It's live42:02 - New songs44:45 - Double entendre fun46:35 - Escape from reality48:45 - Stable musicians52:56 - You gotta do what you gotta do55:14 - There are plenty56:22 - Be that57:17 - Getting people to the show61:42 - Use every tool availableRelevant links: