Healing to Ditch Disordered Eating, with Amanda Ownbey

Self-Love for Breakfast

28-10-2020 • 37 mins

Paralyzing, debilitating, anxiety-stricken; these are some of the words often associated when dealing with eating disorders. Our guest on today’s episode of Self Love Breakfast Club is Amy Ownbey. Amanda is a survivor of anorexia, bulimia, and orthorexia and now helps women heal their own emotions around food and their body image to help them break free from the detrimental effects of yo-yo dieting. She is soon to be certified in both coaching as well as breath-work facilitation, which will enable her to help women ditch dieting and disordered eating through mindset healing, breath-work, and emotional release. Amanda is also the host of the podcast Hungry Heart, where she has organic conversations about healing. On the podcast, they cover everything from body image to 80s karaoke! I literally have a sister-coach extravaganza on the show and I love it so much. The women I am hosting are amazing; they have incredible souls and I am excited to share our conversations. So stay tuned as we dive in today!