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The Psychic Coffee Shop

26-07-2016 • 1 hr 13 mins

Sonia Nadina Haynes is Author, Emotional Healing Therapist, and Workshop Facilitator. She brings a lifetime of experience and inner exploration, which she shares with her clients. Sonia has an innate ability to see what is going on within you and the wisdom to guide you towards resolution. Sonia’s journey began in design, theater and the arts. She is a visionary who brings a unique view of the world and the events of the day to her work. Sonia is the author of The Law of Attraction in Design, Oneness: Reincarnation, Separation, Integration in Ebook format The Power of Money, How You See Money Is How You See Yourself and Generate Happiness through Positive Affirmations. Travelling extensively around the world, Sonia shared her wisdom with all who sought to uncover their own personal truth. Through workshops, lectures, group and one-on-one consultation, Sonia Nadina guides you to connect with your inner power. She helps you to set up an empowering strategy for the life you deserve. She has been supporting her clients’ growth since 1996 and is always encouraged when she sees her clients recognize their inner magnificence. Sonia Nadina is an expert meditation teacher inspiring many to find inner peace, enabling each individual to connect with his and her sense of purpose. You can reach Sonia @ www.psychic.biz