Is It Safe To Use Liquid Drain Cleaners In My Plumbing?

The Family Plumber - Surprise, Arizona

Feb 16 2023 • 3 mins

"When you start doing those liquid plumbers you know solutions and stuff like that a lot of times they won't get any like the hard blockage ."

- Bobby Crowder

To use or not to use liquid drain cleaners in your home's plumbing.  Plumbing expert, Bobby Crowder - "The Family Plumber" answers this question on the Check A Pro Radio Show with host Jim Klauck, AKA Check A Pro Joe!

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Podcast Episode Transcript:

When you start doing those liquid plumbers you know solutions and stuff like that a lot of times they won't get any like the hard blockage. This is the check a pro radio show check a pro Joe has assembled a team of pre-qualified home service contractors to bring you the latest in services products and techniques now here's your host a man with a hard hat and tool belt check a pro Joe every once in a while our drains get clogged could be our kitchen sink it could be our bathroom sink heck it could even be our toilets and it's inconvenient it can also be dangerous because it can back up so I've asked my friend Bobby Crowder from the family plumber to join to tell me whether or not I should be putting that liquid drain cleaner into my sinks and into my toilets hey Bobby welcome to the program hey Joe thanks for having me on yeah so for years and decades I guess we've seen on TV you know buy these products there's a number of them out there that have liquid in them and are kind of Jelly and you pour them into a sink that's clogged or a toilet and it works its way through supposedly and opens up the drain is this the way to go are these safe well some of them are but a lot of them are not so I don't recommend a lot of them just because overtime they can damage the piping so if anything I would get a licensed plumber out there to actually see what's going on when you start doing those liquid plumbers you know solutions and stuff like that a lot of the times they won't get any like the hard blockage you know it won't release any of the hard blockages it'll release the this the smaller lot you know the softer blockage is what we call it you know if it's draining slow yes it can clear it but there they are bad for the piping but there is some products out there that's really excellent for maintaining your drain and clearing the blockages so I guess it depends the best thing to do is to call you because you're a licensed plumber and explain over the telephone what's going on and you would probably either recommend yes you can use this product or I need to come out and I need to help you yes exactly so when they do call me I do you know I'll recommend some different products that can depending on what kind of blood cancers are they're dealing with the they'll explain it to me and then I'll kind of diagnose it over the phone a little bit but there is you know the best thing is for like a licensed plumber like myself to come out and see exactly what is happening what is causing that blockage it might be might be a hard blockage or might be a broken pipe they were putting a bunch of chemicals down there that's just going to make things worse so we need to come out there and see exactly what's going on call the family plumber hello and water is his name he is the gentleman who's on with me right now all of his contact information is in the description of this podcast and you can also go to Google and type in the family plumber surprise AZ you will get his website and also all of these podcasts that we produced together hey Bobby thank you so much for your help today appreciate it thanks Joe have a good day check a pro as your local source for pre-qualified contractors stay tuned for more of the check a pro radio show.

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