The HrishiKay Sessions

Hrishikesh Kannan

I’m a Radio & Podcast Producer plus Host, Voice Over Artiste / Voice Actor & MC. These sessions are conversations with people whom I find very interesting. Either their personality or their work / cause shines through & in most cases both! Most whos celebrity value amongst Indians or internationally cannot be questioned, some who have risen to the occasion & despite personal & professional pressure have shown the light to us. Some speak on very relevant & topical themes, others speak about their lives in a manner that shall make sense even if we hear this decades from now. I try to listen more than I speak & ask relevant questions based on a combination of my laborious research & study on them or the theme they are covering plus elements of my own intuition about them that come to the fore as the conversation unfolds. I pray you enjoy these as much as I did creating them for you, my guests & for me!