Ep. 813: Sharks, Lions, Grizzlies, a Tiger and some Crocs

The Fighter & The Kid

11-07-2022 • 1 hr 26 mins

The boys discuss creative strategies for surviving the wilderness and talk their favorite moments on the series “ALONE,” the cruelty of mother nature like brain eating amoebas and man eating mountain lions, Bryan’s unexpected soreness from an intense weekend of spike ball, Tiger demanding Crocs despite his fathers disgust, Brendan’s 4th grade fashion risks, why high fashion is like a formula one race, how the impeccable marketing of shark week makes you forget they air the same footage every year and how Great whites look much friendlier with goofy teeth, “The Georges” starting the Alta Warriors MMA program and who deserves the tops spots on the UFC P4P list, plus current events such as a Indian man’s unfortunate “Eggplant” injury, a New England distillery making Whiskey from invasive crabs, Tim Kennedy weighing in on the irony of Brittany Griner’s predicament, the news anchor who got a little too tipsy before going live, the recent escapades of Pro life Spiderman, Olympian Kim Glass getting attacked by a homeless man in LA, and aggressive Seals chasing humans off the beach in San Diego.

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