Ep. 818: Tom Cruise WAS RIGHT All Along!

The Fighter & The Kid

27-07-2022 • 1 hr 25 mins

The boys talk Tom Cruise’s shocking vindication, Lady Gaga’s invisible forcefield, the future of Victor Wembanyama (the 7'2" teenager slash top NBA prospect), scientists honing in on a cure for balding, the latest in the Brittany Griner saga, Callen's claim that vertically challenged super agent Ari Emanuel can dunk a basketball, the legend of Todd Phillips betting on himself for “The Hangover” franchise, McGregor vs Mayweather Pt 2 rumors, Singapore’s strict laws, Subway's fall from grace, an update on the dad who lost his pinky to a Shark, and the first person to ever get a Bryan Callen tattoo.

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