C. D. Gorri, USA Today Bestselling Author

Inside The Minds Of Authors

29-03-2022 • 27 mins

Happy Monday My Friends,

We are starting our Birthday Celebration. It’s hard to believe we are barely turning 2 years old but have over 90 episodes already. It’s been such an incredible journey to interview passionate and talented authors.

Today’s author personifies our vision of talented, passionate and absolutely charming storyteller. The fabulous C.D. Gorri is a prolific author, USA Today Bestseller, with over one hundred books. We had a blast chatting about her books, and her career. Be inspired by the fabulous C. D. and check out her website to sign-up for her newsletter, www.cdgorri.com/newsletter.

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Remember, the birthday celebration will be going on all week. So Enjoy this fun and exciting interview.

Happy listening,