The Moon Crown

M. Molder

In a world where beasts and entities have integrated into society, a group of outcasts set out on the run after a discovery that could change the existence of entities everywhere. Lou sends out broadcasts in hopes of reaching an audience with a warning of what's to come. Unfortunately, the listener she reaches might not be the kind of person she's hoping to find.The Moon Crown is a full-cast, weird fiction and horror audio drama meant for adult audiences, and is based on Filipino mythology with a little western mythology mixed in.More information can be found on

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Message Nine - Rings a Bell
Jun 19 2023
Message Nine - Rings a Bell
This is episode nine, the penultimate episode in season one of a serialized show. I highly recommend listening to older episodes to understand the story. Also, this is a horror podcast. The characters portrayed here are often in distress. Content could be unsettling or disturbing, please listen with caution and care.Transcript can be found here.Lo reminisces over the events that led to the outcasts' journey.Sound Content Warnings: Misophonia (breathing and crying), loud sounds, moving/panning sound, sudden change in direction, glitching, disturbing sounds. Content Warnings: Unreality, swearing, cult behavior, memory loss, confinement, abuse by a parent or guardian, grief, loss of a parent, loss of a sibling (implied), human experimentation/alteration or mutation.A big thanks to Heinie Brian Hartendorp (@TheVoiceofChief ) as Abel, Jessica Berson (⁠@Velveteen_Voice⁠) as Freda, Rowan Odom (Twin Strangers Productions) as Aria, Ty Von (⁠Twin Strangers Productions⁠) as The Councilor, Walter Mack (@WalterMack) as Gabriel, Alyssa Petrey (@PetreyVO) as The High Priestess, and Jay Silver (Vocaroo site) as The Tambal. And as always - Marvin Sohl (@MarvinsGardenVA) as Chess,  Nikki Onto (email) as Tala, and Adam Robinson (@AdamRobinsonVO) as Henrik.More of the cast can be found on the site!The music in this episode was created using assets from Laniakea Sounds, Future Music Power, and Production Master via Produce Loops.My latest recommendation, October's Children, can be listened to wherever you find your podcasts!Stay tuned on Twitter for upcoming information and give @TheMoonCrownPod a wave!Distributed by Twin Strangers Productions. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.