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Here at Self Discovery Community Media Hub, we bring you illuminating stories that change and empower lives. These stories of inspiration are an invitation to us to journey forward in our own lives, filled with wisdom from those that have gone before us. You will see the many diverse shows on many topics, but each one is foundered in a core value of self-love and meaningful purpose that serves mankind. You can hear these illuminators' podcasts across 4 sites and 15 audio platforms and on youtube. selfdiscoverymedia@gmail.com www.selfdiscoverymedia.com www.selfdiscoverycommunity.org
C16-43a Manifesting Love & All Your Heart Desires with Kimberley LovellC16-39b Charge What You’re Worth & Uplevel Your IncomeC16/35b Living in your Spirits Financial AbundanceTSM 15/37 The Holistic Cure for Barrett’s Disease and Living a LifeNAD 18-02 Co-dependence the addiction that screams the loudest and is heard the leastP14/09b “Infinite You – A Journey to Your Greater Self and Beyond.”14/30 PJ POWERS is a living South African legend !15/03 Hope Through Separation with Robert MilenTSM 15/40 Spiritual Emergence with our Elders TeachingsC22-03 Chet W. Sisk is The Futurist.IG22-03 A DISCIPLE by Feroze Dada.TM22-03 Kevin Ringstaff, Grieving for Pets & People.C22-03 Suswati Basu and How To Be…IG22-03 ‘Zen’ Benefiel, Stubbing my Toe on Purpose.RG22-03 Armin Brott, aka Mr. Dad, on Expectant Fathers.22-03 The Perception of You17-33 Sayings & Guidance to live byTM22-02 Ann Silvers and Abuse OF Men BY Women.BB22-02 Networking Guru Alex D. Tremble.C22-02 Monty Ritchings, Ascend Your Beliefs.