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Simply Be Kind is an initiative of Kind Hearts Brigade, a venture devoted to making the world a kinder place. Through this podcast, we host conversations with people where we discuss moments in life where we need kindness. 🌟 Featured on Hubhopper Podcast Award 2022 list! 🌟 Featured in The Week (India) read less

Easy Ways To Be Kind To Our Planet
Sep 27 2022
Easy Ways To Be Kind To Our Planet
You are either someone who is an early adopter who is trying every eco-swap out there, or are someone who is proud of their latest carbon intensive purchase (we're talking about your latest non-EV SUV 👀). Listen to our podcast as we talk about how the necessity to be kind to our environment, and how we can be kinder to ourselves.  Ankita Vijayvergiya from NatureHealers Climate Solutions talks to us about eco-anxiety, and offers solutions on how we can make the world a kinder place. Ankita also in the podcast talks about her Earth Missions briefly. Below are more details on the same: With Period Paradise, we will help you step by step to choose the Best and Healthiest Period Product for you, and Adopt it seamlessly in your lifestyle. And you can Save a ton of money too! If you use one already, we have the Fast Track option for you with Tips and Tricks to master your Menstrual Cup or Cloth Pad.With the Earth Mission ‘Isles of Plastics, we will help you step by step to Know and Reduce your Plastic Footprint. Switch from our everyday Dependence on Single-Use Plastics to Healthier (and more affordable!) Sustainable Habits and Products.With the Earth Mission on 'Home Composting', we will help you step by step to start your hassle-free nano-composter at home... In Gardens or Apartments!Our starter Mission is on Climate impacts. It is a Mini-Mission that can help you understand and discover what you can do about the most pressing concern of our times. If you are not sure about what the ‘fuss’ on Climate Change is all about, she recommends starting with Climate Impacts.. Their app is available on Google Play store as NatureHealers and also on our website – www.NatureHealers.Life.  If you liked this episode, don't forget to give us a good rating and follow us for more! Follow us on Instagram: