2020-09-07 The Watt from Pedro Show

The Watt From Pedro Show

Sep 7 2020 • 3 hrs

hour one: "walkin'" (west german tv 1960) john coltrane w/wynton kelly, paul chambers and jimmy cobb "feather chaser" grex "blood" grex "the day decay" aunt sally "perfect shadow" tobacco "gaijin sabetsu, gaikoku hakuchuumu" bogdan raczynski "to remember dub" model home x his name is alive "soph says" black lodge "stiff" wylde ratttz "saint belfi" thor & friends "blank generation" (live 1975-03-23 cbgb's) television w/richard hell "beepocalypse" grex hour two: "walking ayler in tarzana" grex "I'm worried about you" samm bennett "bank account" louis cole "thought log #5" maw shein win "kivi" cao portoroz "tidal wave" sproton layer "what do they know?" soldier dolls "husk" grex "dave darinko" grex "fast and steady run" bushoong "save your love for me" bettye lavette "dan and tim, reunited by fate" have a nice life "truth about me" steve abercrombie "margot tenenbaum" grex hour three: "the other mouses" grex "shifting paradigms" crane "no speech" samuel locke ward "moc" mold omen "fresh state of mind" steve abercrombie "jack on fire" kim salmon & spencer p. jones "jin's run" grex "ikki" grex "pete's theme" the hawk "knee jerk" pussycat and the dirty johnsons "gentleman -one equals-" pndc & housework "goodnight" grex