Child-Like Hope & Faith in Business

Menopause Moguls™ Podcast with Dr. Joy'El

Mar 29 2023 • 43 mins

My daughter built a business and unfortunately it was shut down in 2 days! But her reaction through it all did not involve mind-drama like I had when I first started building my business.
In this episode, I discuss how child-like hope and faith can lead us to success in building a business in these midlife years.  And with hope and faith, we change the relationship with ourselves, we stop rehearsing failure and create a new belief system that allows us to take actionable steps toward building a business.

I created my Menopause Moguls™ online group coaching program to help high-achieving Black women 40 and over who have a desire to build a service-based business but feel stuck, overwhelmed or less confident to do it.

It is a community of women who are going through similar struggles and want the same things...birth the business of their dreams and create a life that they deserve.
I coach them on how to know, like and trust themselves so they can shift their mindset to a Mogul mindset that allows them to create their vision, decide on what they want, trust their decisions and launch a thriving business.

If you want to be considered for my next cycle of Menopause Moguls, DM the word "Mogul"  on Instagramto join the wait list.

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