Episode 437: Schedulefly Stories: Intro

Restaurant Owners Uncorked

Mar 21 2023 • 5 mins

We're celebrating 16 years of Schedulefly here in 2023. A few notes about our business:


We don't have any sales people

We've never spent more than 1% of revenue on marketing

We have five people in our company, the same five we've always had

In sixteen years, the five of us have only been together in the same place at the same time once, for lunch at Tower 7 Restaurant in Wrightsville Beach, N.C. (I believe that was in 2013)

We've never had a company-wide conference call

We've served a total of >17000 restaurants and independent hospitality businesses over the years

Today we serve ~6000

We have ~250,000 end users yet only get ~30-40 support emails per day

~800 retaurants have used Schedulefly for 10+ years

We relate to the fisherman in the parable of The Fisherman and the MBA (it's worth looking up)

We've done >400 episodes of our Restaurant Owners Uncorked podcast, the #6 ranked restaurant podcast in the world

We've published two Restaurant Owners Uncorked books, selling >20,000 total copies

We made The Story of Sup Dogs, the most amazing story we've come across in all of these sixteen years of learning our customers' stories