Returning Dirty Handkerchiefs, Reading Office Emails Aloud, Getting Permission from References, and More

Were You Raised By Wolves?

Jan 30 2023 • 26 mins

Etiquette, manners, and beyond! In this episode, Nick and Leah answer listener questions about returning dirty handkerchiefs, reading office emails aloud, getting permission from professional references, and much more. Please follow us! (We'd send you a hand-written thank you note if we could.) Have a question for us? Call or text (267) CALL-RBW or visit QUESTIONS FROM THE WILDERNESS: What's proper handkerchief etiquette? What should I do about a coworker who reads all his emails out loud? Should I thank my neighbor for doing unwanted yard work on my property without my permission? Should you ask references for permission before listing them on a job application? Vent: People who don't RSVP to parties THINGS MENTIONED DURING THE SHOW "Love Is Blind" trailer on YouTube YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO... Support our show through Patreon Subscribe and rate us 5 stars on Apple Podcasts Call, text, or email us your questions Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Visit our official website Sign up for our newsletter Buy some fabulous official merchandise CREDITS Hosts: Nick Leighton & Leah Bonnema Producer & Editor: Nick Leighton Theme Music: Rob Paravonian ADVERTISE ON OUR SHOW Click here for details TRANSCRIPT Episode 171 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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