Holiday Break: Tipping at the Holidays, Ordering Too Much at Drive-Thrus, Begging for Gifts, and More

Were You Raised By Wolves?

Dec 26 2022 • 42 mins

Etiquette, manners, and beyond! This week, Nick and Leah are enjoying a well-deserved break, but they'll be back soon with an all-new episode. In the meantime, here's one of their favorite episodes from the archives in which they tackle tipping at the holidays, ordering too much at drive-thru windows, begging people to buy you presents, and much more. Please follow us! (We'd send you a hand-written thank you note if we could.) Have a question for us? Call or text (267) CALL-RBW or visit EPISODE CONTENTS AMUSE-BOUCHE: Circumambulation at a Buddhist temple A QUESTION OF ETIQUETTE: Christmas Tipping QUESTIONS FROM THE WILDERNESS: How to respond to unsolicited requests for presents? Should my children have done more to acknowledge our big wedding anniversary? Is there such thing as "too large" an order for a drive-thru? VENT OR REPENT: Intentionally splashed, Interrupting numbers CORDIALS OF KINDNESS: Birthday presents, Best wishes from China THINGS MENTIONED DURING THE SHOW Circumambulating Mt. Tam Loaf of bread emoji YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO... Support our show through Patreon Subscribe and rate us 5 stars on Apple Podcasts Call, text, or email us your questions Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Visit our official website Sign up for our newsletter Buy some fabulous official merchandise CREDITS Hosts: Nick Leighton & Leah Bonnema Producer & Editor: Nick Leighton Theme Music: Rob Paravonian TRANSCRIPT Episode 64 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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